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AIM Prize 2018

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SCI Prize 2003
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Giorgio Montaudo

  • Professor Emeritus, University of Catania, Italy;
  • Professor of Industrial Chemistry, University of Catania (1975-2008);
  • Director (1980-2002) of the Institute for Chemistry & Technology of Polymeric Materials of the National Council of Research of Italy, Catania;
  • President of Accademia Gioenia delle Scienze di Catania (2008-2010);
  • Award for Scientific Research of the Italian Chemical Society, Turin 2003; SCI prize 2003
  • Award for Creative Research of the Italian Chemical Industry, Milan 1990;
  • Award to the Career: Italian Association Macromolecules, Catania 2018; AIM prize 2018
  • Past Member Editorial Board: Macromolecules; Journal of Polymer Science; Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics; Trends in Polymer Science, Polymer Degradation & Stability; Journal of Analytical & Applied Pyrolysis; Polymer International; European Mass Spectrometry, Current Analytical Chemistry
  • Author of over 380 publications on International Journals and Books;
  • Book: "Mass Spectrometry of Polymers". G.Montaudo, R.P.Lattimer, Eds. CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2002;
  • His participation to over 140 international invited and named lectures includes the Charles M. McKnight Lectures, April 1998, University of Akron, USA;
  • After getting his PhD in Chemistry (1959), he became an Assistant at the Institute of Industrial Chemistry in Catania;
  • ln 1966 became Private Docent in Organic Industrial Chemistry (Committee President, Giulio Natta);
  • In 1966 went to USA as a Postdoctoral Associate with Prof. Charles G. Overberger at the Polytechnic of Brooklyn (1966) and then at the University of Michigan (1967-68). We went back as Research Associate at the University of Michigan in 1971;
  • He was a Humboldt Foundation Fellow with Prof. H. Ringsdorf at the Mainz University, De (1973);
  • Visiting Professorships:
    1980 University of Mainz, De (3 months, Seminars cycle);
    1985 University of Massachusetts, USA (Seminars cycle );
    1988 University of Cincinnati, USA (6 months, Tutorial Course);
    1995 Université Pierre&Marie Curie, Paris (2 months, Tutorial Course);
    1998; 2002 University of Akron, USA (Named Lecture, Seminars cycle);
    2004 Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (2 months, Tutorial Course).
  • Collaborations with Industrial Groups:
    Snia, Enichem, Montedison, AID, DuPont, General Electric, Goodrich, Essilor.
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